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Pegmatite is a white-firing basic raw material for porcelain, sanitary ware, wall and floor tiles and clinkers. Washed potassium feldspathic sand is also introduced to roofing tiles as shorting material or as an Al₂O₃ source in glass mixtures.

  • sieved 0-8 mm
  • ground in the range < 500 μm up to < 63 μm
Firing colour Type Data in [%] TiO₂Fe₂O₃K₂ONa₂O
Pegmatit GP 33 0,110,103,940,15 Details
Pegmatit GPA 45 0,120,096,030,28 Details
Feldspathic sand FSW 0,1-0,5mm 0,080,195,110,40 Details
Mixed feldspar FSKN
  • intensiv vitrification
0,030,563,664,37 Details
Sodium feldspar FSN
  • intensiv vitrification
0,210,050,2810,50 Details
Sodium feldspar FSN-W
  • intensiv vitrification
0,130,030,2810,50 Details

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