Details Chamotte

Today more than just a shorting material

Gottfried offers a large variety of chamottes (also named “grog”) for almost any range of application.

Our chamottes are fired from raw  clay or a fine-ceramic granulated body in  rotary kilns.

The homogeneously vitrified and dust-reduced chamotte granulates are processed in a plant equipped with different grinding and grading machines such as rolling crushers, vibration and ball mills with integrated screening and classifying devices and magnetic separators in order to obtain the grades and grinding sizes required.

Today ceramic and refractory chamottes are expected to be much more than just a simple shorting material for shrinkage regulation. Customers require a resistant material capable of actively improving production processes and  product properties of ceramics. Therefore we specify our chamottes according to refractoriness, porosity, thermal expansion, firing colour, grain size and purity.

Many well-known companies are relying on our chamotte products for decades.

Among these are manufacturers of shaped and unshaped refractories, complex fine fireclay sanitary ware or structural ceramics such as clinkers, wall and floor tiles, tubes, stove tiles and earthenware.

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