Energy Efficiency Award 2019

Energy Efficiency Award 2019

Munich, November 26, 2019 - Orcan Energy, the leading CleanTech Company, which develops solutions for the use of industrial waste heat, and Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH were awarded with a prestigious industry prize for their innovative waste heat utilization project in the energy-intensive extraction of raw materials for the ceramic industry. The project received the Energy Efficiency Award in the "Energiewende 2.0" category, which the German Energy Agency (Dena) presented yesterday evening at its Energiewende-Kongress in Berlin.

Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH is a Bavarian family-owned company specializing in the extraction and processing of raw materials for the ceramics industry. With climate-friendly processing in background, the goal of the company was to harness the huge potential of waste heat generated during the clay firing. By installing an exhaust gas heat exchanger specially designed for this application, it was possible for the first time to operate an ORC solution that can use the high exhaust gas temperatures to generate electricity. The efficiency PACKs from Orcan Energy are highly flexible and can therefore react to fluctuating heat quantities within seconds. Moreover, they achieve a high degree of efficiency in the conversion of heat into electricity, even at part-load. In addition, the Orcan module has a second high-temperature circuit, which means that it can also use very high temperatures in the waste heat stream when required. The balance of the energy recycling: The predicted savings of 180 tons of carbon emissions and 300 MWh of electricity per year, which means a reduction of over 50,000 euros in electricity costs for the company.

The jury justified its decision with the fact that "Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH, in cooperation with Orcan Energy, has not only succeeded in developing the waste heat solution for an energy-intensive combustion process in a sensible way, but has also shown an innovative way for the successful use of dust-laden exhaust gases. This is a challenge that prevents many companies to utilize their waste heat, although it is an essential building block for increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions".
This year Dena presented the Energy Efficiency Award for the 13th time in a row, selected among 140 applicants. The patron of the award is Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister of Economics and Energy.

About Orcan Energy
Orcan Energy AG is a leading European CleanTech company that develops, manufactures and sells efficient energy solutions for the conversion of waste heat into electricity based on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology. Orcan Energy was founded in 2008 by Dr. Andreas Sichert, Dr. Andreas Schuster und Richard Aumann, with the aim of providing companies from a variety of industry sectors a simple, cost-saving and efficient energy solution that unlocks the enormous potential of unused industrial waste heat sources. So far, Orcan Energy AG has sold more than 200 modules globally, making it the largest provider in the low-temperature sector universally. Orcan Energy customers benefit from clean electricity at the lowest cost of energy worldwide. Given the enormous global waste heat potential, the company sees itself as an indispensable player in the energy world of tomorrow. Orcan Energy has established a joint venture with VPower Group International Holdings LTD, China's leading Integrated Power Generation Company, and the financially strong CITIC Pacific Ltd to develop new markets in Asia. Orcan Energy AG employs 60 people and is headquartered in Munich.


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About the Energy Efficiency Award
Since 2007, the international competition has rewarded outstanding energy efficiency projects in private and public companies. In addition to the political and strategic debates on increasing energy efficiency and reducing primary energy demand, Dena offers an annual technological showcase for actually implemented success. The competition therefore focuses on completed projects that can demonstrate measurable energy savings and can be multiplied - i.e. easily transferred to other companies. The award is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and supported by the premium partners Danfoss and KfW.
The track record till date encompasses 1023 applications from 61 countries. Together, these projects stand for energy savings of 11 TWh and a reduction in climate-threatening emissions of 12 million tonnes of carbon per year.

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